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After almost 20 years of building over 1000 world-class water features, unsurpassed in natural beauty and functionality, I took a 12-year hiatus to raise my six children and start other businesses. 


One day my kids (now teenagers) asked about RikRock, my former water feature and sculpture business, and if they could see some pictures. I grabbed a couple of large containers from the basement and opened them up. 


They started going through my pictures and after a couple of minutes they said, “You built all of these?” They were quite astounded at what I produced. Then they got to my awards, magazine publications, TV appearances, and even a PBS documentary I was in. At that point of course they asked “Why don’t you do this again?” I simply responded, “Maybe I will.”


The rebirth of RikRock happened on that day. If you have children you know they can sometimes be incredibly inspirational and that was one of those times. I also realized God had given me an incredible gift to do the things I had done and I needed to share that gift again, but with greater purpose. 


I’m sure you’ve already seen the photos of my work on the home page, and yes, the steel sculptures in the water features are my creations also. If you want to contact us regarding your needs for a one-of-a-kind water feature, pond, waterfall, or stream, please fill out and submit the simple form on the contact page and we’ll be happy to set a time to discuss your desires.

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